Infection Control

Infection Control and Epidemiology

Epidemiology is the study of infections and how they spread through people such as hospital and nursing-home patients. Infection Control is the study of how to prevent infections from spreading from person to person. Dr. Ravi Kamepalli, M.D. believes  that it is not enough to treat infections, but that prevention of the infection in the first place is just as important. It is our mission to look for outbreaks, examine the possible ways that the bacteria are spread then stop transmission at the source. Health is promoted by eliminating disease transmission.

As infection preventionists, collaboration with other doctors, nurses, therapists and staff can break the cycle of healthcare associated transmission. Education of patients and healthcare providers is critical to break the cycle of infection.

Regional Infectious Diseases and Infusion Center, Inc. is actively involved in infection control issues being faced in Northwest Ohio. We bring in newer technologies and participate in the local Antibiotic Task Force meetings to help the local community at the Department of Health level.