Infectious Diseases

Who is an Infectious Disease specialist?

Infectious Disease Specialists are like medical detectives. They examine difficult cases, looking for clues to identify the culprit and solve the problem. Many common infections can be treated by your personal physician. Your doctor may refer you to an Infectious Disease Specialist in cases where an infection is difficult to diagnose or treat. The Infectious Disease Specialist works with your personal physician to determine which diagnostic tests are appropriate.

If treatment is necessary, your current physician and the Infectious Disease Specialist will work together to develop a treatment plan best suited to your needs.Often you will be asked to return to the Infectious Disease Specialist for a follow-up visit. This allows the specialist to check on your progress, confirm that the infection is treated and help prevent it from reoccurring.

If you acquire an infection while in the hospital, the Infectious Disease Specialist will work with other hospital physicians to help direct your care. The specialist also may provide follow-up care after you return home.