Pharmaceutical Companies

For Pharmaceutical Companies (Clinical Trials)

TRIDIC Research is fully equipped and designed to operate as a clinical research facility.

We are focused on quality, one-on-one patient care and providing our patients with a comfortable, warm environment.

Our research center offers the following:

  1. 5 private patient fully-equipped patient exam rooms
  2. 3 dedicated pharmaceutical monitor areas
  3. A warm, friendly patient waiting area
  4. Lab processing and shipping area
  5. Secure document storage accessible only to study staff
  6. Double, locked secure storage area for IP, samples and visit kits
  7. Full-time research-dedicated CNP, MD’s Sub-Investigators
  8. Dedicated Research Pharmacists
  9. Dedicated Microbiology Technician
  10. RNs, LPNs, CRCs, and CTAs
  11. Dedicated Recruitment Specialist
  12. IATA and GCP trained staff
  13. Ability to access professional, economical and effective local advertising
  14. Standard Operating Procedures updated on a continuous basis

Our dedicated clinical research equipment includes:

  1. ECG machine
  2. 5 centrifuge machines
  3. Refrigerated centrifuge
  4. Dedicated refrigerator
  5. -20 freezer
  6. -70 freezer
  7. BP cuffs, automatic and mercury
  8. Weight scales
  9. Temperature monitored and controlled drug storage area, refrigerator and freezer (with min/max)
  10. Patient exam tables in each exam room