Ambulatory Infusion Suite

Comfortable, comprehensive service in a convenient location

For patients requiring infusions of specialty medicine, Regional infectious diseases infusion center Inc, offers ambulatory infusion suites that provide comprehensive, expert, and friendly care in convenient locations.

Staffed by highly-trained infusion nurses, infusion suites provide safe, attentive, and personalized care. Patients are carefully monitored by nurses who are committed to patient well-being and optimal therapeutic outcomes. Training and education is provided for usage of Elastomeric devises ( small elastic bulbs that carry the drug) and Ambulatory infusion pumps.

With modern amenities including recliners, HD cable television, and wireless access for personal devices, patients can relax during therapy. eReaders and magazines are also provided for those who seek a little quiet time during therapy.

Ambulatory Infusion Suites Provide:
  1. Highly-trained, friendly infusion nurses
  2. On-site Physician/ Certified Nurse Practitioner
  3. Convenient location
  4. Flexible scheduling
  5. Accessible building for persons with disabilities
  6. Comfortable environment
  7. State-of-the-art amenities, including recliners, television,
  8. Major insurers accepted